My grandad served in the British Army in World War II and dreamed of bringing his family to England. In the early 1970s the family settled in Birmingham, on Barker Street.

As a child I remember helping both my mother and nana in the kitchen where we used to grind spices with a pestle and mortar and make mini chapattis with smiley faces on them.

I believe my nana was the best cook in the world and my mother learnt everything she knows from her.


Vini & Bal’s is as a result of both myself, Vini and my husband, Bal sharing a huge passion for home cooked food.

I began by adding my sauces to fresh meat and vegetables for healthy and nutritious meals during the week and then sharing them with a wider circle of friends and business acquaintances. Everybody wanted to know where they could get these tasty sauces! It was then I realised we could re-create Indian home cooking right here!

It was the first week in June 2011 when I finally decided to make my sauces commercially.

Our first trade fair was an experience the response to REAL Indian food was inspiring, Bal was in his element and this is when we decided to work together and create Vini and Bal’s.

Our cook in sauces are prepared using a tasty blend of REAL ingredients, they are naturally gluten free, and all inspired my mother’s traditional home recipes So here we are – 'Vini and Bal's Rustic Indian' made with a little magic and lots of love. I mean, what could be better than having an authentic homemade sauce at your fingertips?