• Keeping Things Rustic

    Vini & Bal refuse to compromise on their home recipes – it’s all about real ingredients, real spices and real flavours.

    “We have carried out all the hard work that you would expect when preparing a curry from scratch at home – all you need to do is add your protein, lentil or veg – mother is so proud “

    Our packaging is recyclable and we have tried to ensure that we are not using any more than we need.

  • Home style Indian cooking

    Vini & Bal want to inspire you to eat like they eat in their homes not restaurants, Indian food is healthy, nutritious and packed with flavour. We ensure sauces are cooked in small batches in order to retain flavours – it’s all about freshness…

  • Trade enquiries

    Are you interested in stocking Vini & Bals?

    Our Sauce per case 6x 300g.

    In addition to our retail packs we offer the same recipes in 2kg, 5kg and 10kg – for catering

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